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PLMA trade show is held every year in Chicago in November and represents one of the key opportunities for sales. With 30 years of extensive experience, the annual PLMA trade show is the main private label event in the world. 


PLMA trade show represents a unique opportunity for small, medium-size and large companies. No other show offers exhibitors an opportunity to meet as many buyers from as many retail channels. Buyers from supermarkets, supercenters, drug chains, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, online retailers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, discounters, and even military exchanges will visit PLMA to see new products and reach new suppliers. 

Book your participation in the PLMA and become
a supplier of leading retail chains!


The American market is the largest market of food and other consumer products in the world with a relatively small offer of international manufacturers of any category. This situation is constantly changing, opening a possibility for companies like yours to reach new buyers. North America records an increase in the private label segment and dozens of leading grocery chains that have turnover in hundreds of billions of dollars need all product categories.

STANDARD PACKAGE includes services listed below as (1), (3), (4), (6), (7) - with no limit to number of products you can show.

OPTIONAL SERVICES are  (2), (5) and (8). Pricing and details will
be provided on request.

  1. Reservation of preferred booth location (a)

  2. Exhibit design and construction (b)

  3. Professional staffing by our trained staff with market and client knowledge

  4. Reviewing your business offer and aligning it with market needs and buyer expectations

  5. Phone and email campaign preceding the show directed towards  your target customers (c)

  6. Product and material logistics support before, during and after the show (d)

  7. Facilitation of meetings during the show for your representatives

  8. Effective after-show follow up with prospective buyers (e)

We are able to execute the entire PLMA participation on your behalf effectively and professionally, saving you valuable time. Should your company wish to send representatives to attend, we can assist with arrangements concerning traveling and attending.

(a)   Subject to availability
(b)   Optional – standard set-up includes drape & pipe walls, table,    
(c)    Within 1 month prior to show; client to provide target companies    
        if known or as per our discretion
(d)   Additional third-party charges may apply (shipping, delivery,    
(e)   For a period of 1 month following the show; any traveling for          
       in-person meetings subject to client approval of costs

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  • 20+ years of experience in Export and Market Development

  • 10+ years of experience in White/Private label development

  • Excellent knowledge of American and European markets

  • Well versed in trade buying practices and consumer purchasing patterns

  • Wide understanding of companies, products and solutions from global markets – their different development and growth stages and readiness to work with target clients

  • Expert assistance in preparing your offer and delivery of information to buyers

  • Focus on Key & Major Accounts - creating opportunity to achieve higher sales volumes and growth targets

  • Comprehensive coverage of 2 exceptional markets - Canada, USA - as well as a number of other emerging markets

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