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Today’s private labels are carefully managed and marketed in order to improve the retailer’s competitive edge. The global private label market experienced robust growth from modest beginnings some decades ago to over US$400 billion today. Private label growth has been driven both by the expansion of large grocery retailers and the trend towards more sophisticated lines that command higher prices and margins.


  • 20+ years of experience in Export and Market Development

  • 10+ years of experience in White/Private label development

  • Excellent knowledge of American and European markets

  • Well versed in trade buying practices and consumer purchasing patterns

  • Wide understanding of companies, products and solutions from global markets – their different development and growth stages and readiness to work with target clients

  • Expert assistance in preparing your offer and delivery of information to buyers

  • Focus on Key & Major Accounts - creating opportunity to achieve higher sales volumes and growth targets

  • Comprehensive coverage of 2 exceptional markets - Canada, USA - as well as a number of other emerging markets



  • 75% of consumers define store brands as "brands" and 83% said they purchase these brands on a regular basis.

  • Private label brands account for one out of every five items sold every day in supermarkets, drug chains, and mass merchandisers.

  • Private label represents opportunity to regularly purchase quality food and non-food products without waiting for promotional pricing.

  • Private label items consist of the same or better ingredients than the manufacturer brands, and retailer's name or symbol assures quality. 



PL market is experiencing significant growth and we have a vast network of contacts to reach out to. For Canada, US and UK we have strong access to PL decision makers in Key & Major Accounts and can provide these services:


  • Analysis of your historical data relevant for target markets and clients

  • Analysis of your portfolio of products and services

  • Recommendation and selection of products/services for target markets/clients

  • Price structure for the category and price positioning for your portfolio

  • Assistance with certification, registration, laboratory, licensing and similar

  • Regular informative monthly campaign to target customers

  • One-on-one presentations to chief buyers

  • Follow up with potential clients

  • Suggestions for content for trade show materials

  • Trade event representation (excluding event costs and travelling)

  • Receiving and distribution of product samples and trade materials (excluding distribution cost)

  • Help with bids and contracts

  • 360◦ commercial management services (import, sales, distribution, marketing) in all three markets – US, UK, Canada – available on client/buyer request

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