Work directly with end clients 


Work directly with end clients - use our Import Services for a smooth one-stop shop when it comes to inbound shipping coordination, customs brokerage and importation

  • Representation of your company and brands as Importer of Record

  • Assistance with labeling and packaging compliance

  • Assistance with product registration, certification, licensing and testing

  • Coordination of international shipping

  • Customs brokerage and delivery to central storage



Ensure full service of your end clients - from listing documentation to program management to invoicing, collection and deduction management

  • Coordination of logistics, ordering and payments

  • Inserting and maintaining product listing on GS-1

  • Trade invoicing, deductions and collections

  • Client services desk

  • Consumer services desk

  • Rolling forecasts and sales analysis


National, regional and specialized sales teams serving multiple channels across all territories; full head office representation plus cost-efficient retail network coverage

  • Tier 1 teams serving consumer packaged goods companies and retailers across Canada, UK and selected US regions

  • Key and major account management

  • Head office buyer representation (listings)

  • Store level representation (relationship with store and category management)

  • Strategic sales planning: per year, per month, per region, per client, per SKU, per everyday turn, per promo turn, with profit and margin calculations for buyers

  • Planogram inclusion and enforcement for your SKUs including price tagging

  • Planning and execution of in-store programs: category placement, special placement, product demonstrations, flyers, in-store feature pricing

  • Monitoring of lucrative promotional opportunities in different chains and banners and securing of those opportunities for your brands


Full service logistics, distribution of multiple categories and classes of trade from coast to coast - know your cost upfront and fully control the process

  • Tier 1 distribution set up: full service logistics, distribution and administration of multiple categories and classes of trade nationally for each of the 3 markets

  • 99% logistics, delivery and client service accuracy (highest of any provider)

  • Ability to deliver to top retail accounts on daily basis (market volume 80%+)

  • Regional warehousing facilities covering with ease the entire market

  • Extensive vehicle network with national coverage

  • Dry, Fresh, Chilled and Frozen logistical capabilities

  • Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage logistical capabilities

  • Detailed product movement reporting

  • Co-ordination of transport of goods between Canada and US

  • Incoming shipment receiving and storage

  • Shipping to clients’ distribution centres and stores



Competitively priced in-store services and campaigns with proven effectiveness; improve visibility, ensure replenishment, enforce and verify program execution

  • Merchandising & replenishment

  • Planogram inclusion and enforcement for your SKUs including price tagging

  • Shelf analysis and monitoring of competition

  • Planning and execution of in-store programs: category placement, special placement


With 15+ years of experience in brand development, traditional media, digital media, social media coupled with outstanding event management expertise, through a network of partners we can assist clients and their brands to be positioned and perceived as leaders within the category


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  • 20+ years of experience in Export and Market Development

  • 10+ years of experience in White/Private label development

  • Excellent knowledge of American and European markets

  • Well versed in trade buying practices and consumer purchasing patterns

  • Wide understanding of companies, products and solutions from global markets – their different development and growth stages and readiness to work with target clients

  • Expert assistance in preparing your offer and delivery of information to buyers

  • Focus on Key & Major Accounts - creating opportunity to achieve higher sales volumes and growth targets

  • Comprehensive coverage of 2 exceptional markets - Canada, USA - as well as a number of other emerging markets

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